10 things you didn’t know about #DSMMCM1314

If you live in Manchester, or the North West and you are involved in any sort of marketing; particularly if you are working with digital or social media with things such as email, affiliate, blogging, SEO, PPC or if you work within the creative or branding industry, you may have heard about or seen the hashtag #DSMMCM1314.

Recently, the hashtag has become very active on a number of social media platforms, as well as on a number of blogs within Manchester. You might be wondering what is it and what’s going on… well, I thought I’d shed a little light on what it means, what we’re doing, how you can get involved and what you could get out of it.

Here is my explanation of what it is in 10 simple steps:

1. #DSMMCM1314 stands for “Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management 2013 – 2014″.

2. #DSMMCM1314 is a final year module at Manchester Metropolitan University and is an option for a number of students including those studying Advertising and Brand Management and Marketing Management.

3. The module is run by David Edmundson-Bird, Brendan Keegan and Dee Goldstraw.

4. Students who have chosen the module have divided off into agency teams and have set up their own student led marketing agency.
We are Initio Marketing and you can find out more about us here.

5. The student agency teams are required to set up a blog to host their three assignment pieces needed for the module, along with anything else they want to blog about.
Why not look at our other blogs here?

6. Here’s just a little bit about each part of the first assignment:

  • Part one, is to pick a team, and blog about your team (You can see our blog here).
  • Part two, is then to decide upon a client and pick one of their Products, Service or Offerings (PSO) that you are going to market. Then from this, you will be able to set some Digital Marketing Communications Objectives for the company.
    Initio Marketing was lucky enough to win a pitch to work with Creative Resource. You can find out more about them here, and you can read our second submission here.

7. The second assignment submission is to segment your client’s market and to work out which digital and social media methods would be suitable to target them. Look out for these blogs soon as the deadline for them is 16th December 2013.

8. Assignment part three sees the student agency teams break back down into individuals to formulate a digital and social media strategy and display this through an infographic as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the agency blog. This is the final assignment for the module and the due date is 31st March 2014.

9. Alongside the assignment, the agency teams are trying to rank their blog number one on Google for #DSMMCM1314 to win the link-risk cup and glory of beating all the other student agency teams.

10. As well as agency blogs many teams, just like Initio Marketing have set up Twitter and Instagram accounts, Google+ and Facebook pages as well as a Pinterest account to promote their agency as well as the agency blog.

So now, you might have a better idea what this #DSMMCM1314 stands for, and why so many MMU students are talking about it.

How could you get involved?
If you are a fellow social media user, why not follow us on Twitter? See what we’ve been pinning on Pinterest, check us out on Google+ and like our Facebook page! Or, if that’s not enough Initio for you, you can even get a behind the scenes look at Initio Marketing by following us on Instagram.

Finally, what could you get out of it?
The module is helping students to develop skills, which are vital in the work place, meaning that the Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management 2013 – 2014 graduates will have real “hands on” experience and knowledge that could be perfect for your team. Therefore, by getting involved with #DSMMCM1314 you will have a pool of graduate candidates who will be able to add value to your business through knowledge of blogging, digital and social media platforms, strategy and evaluation.

If you’ve any further questions about the module please get in touch with Initio Marketing through any of the social media platforms, by commenting on the blog or through our Contact Us page. We’ll try to help you in any way we can.

I hope that this post has helped you into the #DSMMCM1314 loop. Make sure you stay up to date with all things #DSMMCM1314 by following the hashtag.



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About Stephanie Coulton

I am the email marketing specialist for Initio Marketing for #DSMMCM1314. I would consider myself very enthusiastic and highly driven individual who strives for perfection. I go to work to be challenged, stretched and to be inspired. I enjoy learning from and listening to team members and clients. I believe myself to be friendly and approachable with excellent interpersonal skills. I have recently completed a year placement in a digital marketing agency as a part of my sandwich degree, and am now seeking further experience to continue career progression upon graduation. My marketing experience includes both inhouse and agency work and covers a number of marketing areas in particular B2B and B2C emails from concept to HTML builds along with analysis of campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, blog writing, SEO and PPC. View my Google Plus profile
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