North West Digital Communities are perfect for DSMMCM1314 students

Did you know that the North West has a thriving digital community? This presents a great opportunity for DSMMCM1314 and other marketing/advertising students to get involved in the ‘real world.’

There are many events including industry meet ups, networking opportunities and socials happening throughout the North West (particularly in Manchester) that are aimed at digital and social media marketers, branding specialists, designers, account handlers, builders, brand managers and students alike. These will all present opportunities to make an impression on potential employers and to increase your own knowledge.

I’ve picked out a few communities that have caught my eye, and that I’d recommend you should look into, and maybe even consider joining.

Manchester Digital


Manchester Digital one of the biggest digital communities in the North West. It was set up to encouraging members to work together to improve digital business by sharing information and ideas. They have many events throughout the year including seminars on specific topics relating to all things digital and social media, networking events and talent days. Manchester Digital also runs the Big Chip Awards.

Most importantly, it’s free for students to join if their use an email address. You’ll have access to all these events as well as a huge directory of agencies and businesses that have signed up, a vital resource for both market research (which can be great for assignments) and jobs searching. Manchester Digital also offers a jobs portal where you can search for jobs and submit your CV which is great for gaining work experience and getting yourself known within the industry.

Northern Soho


Northern Soho incorporates anyone from advertising, marketing and media backgrounds. They offer a more informal meet up to discuss business and issues facing the industry. For businesses, Northern Soho offers mentoring sessions to help them develop and grow. If you are looking for a less corporate and structured meet up, Northern Soho is the place for you.

To become a member just sign up on the website, you can even do this through your Facebook account.

Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab)


MadLab are located in the Northern Quarter, it’s a collective aimed at artists, designers, illustrators and even hackers. They encourage you to come in and have a chat about your work with likeminded people.

MadLab also offer a number of regular events to help improve skills in things such as photography, bitcoins and wordpress., all of which would add to your digital and social media assignments. Alternatively, MadLab also host courses on bid writing, Raspberry Pi, Game development and if you fancy a break from all the digital and social media work, you could even take a course in taxidermy. You can sign up for events on the website.

The digital community is continually growing in the North West. It has a closeness that could not be achieved in a big city like London, and has a friendly, welcoming northern attitude. With an increasing number of groups, which really do have something for everyone, why not get involved? It’ll be great not only for your Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management 2013 – 2014 assignments, but great for your CV.


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